2 year anti-theft warranty terms and conditions

Lavelle bike provides you as a owner of a Power bike with a 2 year long replacement warranty in case your bike is stolen.

This warranty is part of our customer care program and we do not make any profit on this subject. We try to provide you with a worry-free ebike experience. As a result this warranty is only liable for the detailed coverage specified below and has no other purpose but to provide a cost free bike in case yours is stolen under the specified circumstances.


Warranty description

Warranty is a 2 year long replacement warranty in case your bike is stolen and not recovered during the first 30 days after the theft takes place.

With every bike an ABUS® certified lock is delivered asure security for unsafe places to park. We endorse lock usage in particular when bikes are going to stay at dangerous places for a long time. In public places a certified lock usage is mandatory to be able to claim the warranty as we cannot just cover the bike being left alone anywhere.

Note that when buying a bike from us you are accepting this warranty terms and conditions. As this is an additional service to the bike customer no further liabilities are covered than those specifically included in the terms.


Warranty period

Warranty applies since the date of registration of the bike (picking up at shop or delivered to your home) until the last day of the second year.


What do I have to do to get the warranty?

It is easy you just buy a Lavelle Bike, your bike is registered to you into our system and from day one your bike is covered.


Which is the warranty international coverage?

Warranty covers the whole European Union and will still cover UK after Brexit!


What do I have to do in case my bike is theft?

It is mandatory that you go to the Police to make an official report to them. You must send that report to us through the web portal or email us at orders@lavellebikes.com and we will start the recovery procedure.

We highly advise you not to try to recover your bike alone, though your tracking system will show you the location of the bike, it is dangerous for you to recover your bike alone. Let the police corp recover it for you instead.


What happens during and after the 30 day recovery period?

If the bike is recovered the warranty is not executed. This means you keep your original bike. In case the bike is recovered with major damage (see detail conditions) the bike will be replaced at no cost.

If the bike is not located after 30 days we will provide you with a replacement bike according to your original setup.

If the bike appears after the 30 days Lavelle bikes will evaluate the status of the bike to decide whether the original bike is to be returned to you or not.

In case a new bike was already delivered, the recovered bike will become property of Lavelle bikes which is enabled to

You get another bike with the same spec you chose when buying from us if your bike does not appears. Lavelle will not provide any cash payment in any case as this is just a bike replacement service with no other purpose.


What happens if I sell the bike?

In case you sell the bike you must register your sell with us so that we get written confirmation from the former owner about who is going to be the new owner in order to transfer the warranty to him. Failing to provide the data will void the warranty.


Owner’s obligations

To be able to claim the warranty in the event of your bike being stolen, the owner has to register his personal data with us and keep contact data updated on the customer portal.

The warranty is based on the GPS tracker system which is in-built in the bike which means that any damage to the system or malfunctioning will void the warranty. Owner must report any system failure or support us in case we remotely report that the system is not working so that it can be repaired.

The tracking system must be on at customer portal for the warranty to apply.

In case the bike is sold, the owner must report to Lavelle bikes the contact details of the new owner so that the warranty can be transferred. Failing to do that within 7 days of the sell will terminate the warranty period for that bike.


Owners disclaimer clause

Buyer hereby expressly waives claim to additional compensation of any kind apart from the one offered by Lavelle bikes.

Lavelle bikes will propose a bike replacement model based upon components availability and the original bike being substituted trying to match them together but not . In case the owner does not agree with the replacement proposal , Lavelle bikes will not provide any further payment or compensation of any kind and the warranty will be terminated.

Owners of a bike under warranty waive all rights to claim damage compensation of any kind apart from the one proposed by Lavelle bikes on the terms of this warranty.


Warranty conditions

There are some conditions for the warranty to valid.

Warranty applies if your bike is stolen:

From your home (regular or temporary) when inside the house (any case) or when outside the house if locked with a certified lock to a fixed element.

From a public storage room but only if locked to a fixed element in the room.

From public places like the street, parks, bike parking lots etc, but only if locked to a fixed object with a certified lock.

From your car, if the bike is inside your car or locked in a bike carrier.

From you, if someone forces you with violence to steal your bike.

  • A 30 day wait period must finish before we execute the warranty to allow us to try our best to recover your bike. If we fail to recover it in that period, then we will provide you with a new one at the shortest time.
  • No money or refund is ever made. Warranty offers just a replacement bike to you in same specs as you had originally. Unfortunately some restrictions to customized or special items may apply but we will do our best to get your bike back to you as close as possible to the original one.
  • Bike is fully replaced if is not recovered after 30 days.
  • Original bike property is transferred to Lavelle bikes in case a new replacement bike is delivered to the customer.
  • Bike is fully replaced or repaired (upon Lavelle discretion) if it is recovered with major damage, which means two of the following items have severe unrepairable damage or are missing: Motor, battery and frame.
  • Bike is not replaced if recovered with minor damage in which case we will propose a repair budget at factory cost to the owner.
  • Warranty can only be claimed by the registered owner and applies only when the bike being used by him or his family members.
  • Warranty is only applicable ONCE during the warranty period. After the first execution of the warranty this is terminated.


Warranty exclusions

This warranty is not an insurance, the warranty does not provide any type of coverage to the rider or 3rd party in case of accident of any kind, Lavelle bikes is not liable for legal responsibilities the owner may be liable for in case of accident for damage to people or goods.

Warranty will not apply in any of the following cases:

  • Separate components (saddle, wheels, pedals etc) being stolen, if the bike appears with missing parts we will not be able to replace them. Warranty applies to the full bike as a whole.
  • Bike repair if recovered with minor damage but we will fix it at factory price for you.
  • Shipping cost for the recovered bike.
  • If bike is stolen at any 3rd party repair center or whenever the owner has given the bike to a place or company for safekeeping.
  • Professional usage of the bike like mail delivery services or similar. The warranty applies only for personal use.
  • If the owner is demonstrated to have acted in neglectful way so that it  facilitates the bike being stolen.
  • If the bike is stolen by family members or employees of the registered owner.
  • Bike disappearing while being shipped by any courier or shipping company.
  • Personal o material damage of any kind, related to the bike usage
  • This warranty is not an insurance, the warranty does not provide any type of coverage to the rider or 3rd party in case of accident of any kind, nor is liable for legal responsibilities the owner may be liable for.
  • Damage or disappearance of the bike due to Natural disasters, war, or radioactive events.
  • If proven that the bike has been modified to damage or affected the built in tracking system before the date and time of the theft.