Revolutionising commuting and fitness

Our high-performance carbon

Power Bike

Formula 1 meets e-bike
Full carbon
Each bike hand-built
Revolutionary ergonomic design
Two year anti-theft warranty

“Our obsession was not to make a new bike
but an extraordinary bike”

Paul Lavelle, Founder

Choose your effort

Ergonomic design

Pure fun

Automatic gears

Liberate your commute

Beat the traffic and blast ahead of the mayhem at junctions, keeping you safe on every journey. Turn-by-turn navigation means that you are always routed.

The most fun you can have getting to work

The Power Bike is the fastest most exciting way to cross the city. Commuting becomes a pleasure as you arrive at work without breaking a sweat.

An exercise bike that goes somewhere

Fully control your workout level, so that you, not the terrain, choose your effort. With the press of the pedal you fly up the hills like it was flat.  The Power Bike features a unique built in computer system so that all workouts are recorded.

You´ll never go back to the gym

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Ergonomically designed to be kind to spine, neck and wrists. Your position creates a low centre of gravity for stability and allows feet on the ground whilst seated. You command the road with a safer rider view. Even better…no more padded cycle shorts!
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90 Nm, super fast acceleration from traffic lights and gets you up the worst of hills.
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Built in GPS with permanent GSM connection. An alarm is sent to your phone/apple watch when the bike is moved. Locate your bike at any time with the app.
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Your ride is logged in the cloud for later review on your own portal. All your workouts can be seen in detail online so that fitness can be driven with real data.
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Super strong light weight carbon frame with a seamlessly integrated long-lasting 500w battery built into it. Optional carbon components.
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Nothing to think about, just get on and ride. You will always be in the right gear whether at the lights or on the hills.
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Terrain sensitive route planning optimises your maximum range. Turn-by-turn navigation on all your mobile devices. The bike uses bicycle-friendly mapping data.
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IOS and ANDROID apps for your phone and a smartwatch app with navigation.

“Fundamental to our concept is that you have the freedom to configure the model you want”

Oscar Espinar, Designer