Intelligent as well as beautifull

A Smart Bike always cloud connected

The Power Bike is packed with awesome features enabled by its built-in internet connection. The bike transmits its location so it can be tracked if stolen and you are informed when your bike is moved. Every workout is sent to the cloud and available on your personalised portal.

Not a design evolution but a design revolution

1 cropped-LB_only-a-blue_-light-grey-300dpi-1
Minimalist design
2 Frame icon_green
Carbon fibre frame
3 Fork 2 icon_yellow
One sided fork
4 Battery icon_orange
Long range detachable battery
5 Tyres icon_magenta
Comfortable ride with balloon tyre
Squashy gel saddle
7 icon_ 40
Ergonomic frame design
8 Gender icon_magenta_blue
Frame optimised for both Male and Female
9 Height icon_red
From 4”11-6”7 (150-200cm)


The Power Bike uses a simple interface, however, concealed under the hood is a sophisticated system which monitors your heart rate, power, cadence and torque. This combines to provide you with a powerful tool to fine tune your fitness program. Different abilities can ride on any terrain together, with each using their own chosen workout program.

More fun than your first bike ride

Keeps you safe and clear of the mayhem at junctions

The Power Bike is always in the right gear, automatically adjusting to your speed and cadence. Using a high torque motor allows a fast smooth start. The upright riding position provides a clear view of the road ahead.

Anti-theft features

As soon as your bike is moved a warning is sent to your smart-phone and an alarm sounds on the bike. If it is stolen you can direct the police to your bike with real-time tracking.

Two year anti-theft warranty

We trust our system so much that we offer a two year long replacement warranty if the bike is stolen and not recovered.

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Posture driven ergonomic design

Innovative design which allows for a super comfortable riding position, kind to the spine, neck and wrists. This new riding geometry means that weight is distributed comfortably to the rear of the buttocks (where it should be). When waiting at lights you get a great view of the road and both feet flat on the ground, ready to be the first to take off.

Feet on ground when seated.

Upright spine position.

Clear view ahead.

No wrist pressure.

Mobile apps

All data is available on the mobile app supported by all platforms. Your smart phone/apple watch presents turn-by-turn navigation with a buzz feature, bike status and anti-theft warning.


Web portal

Your own personalised portal with detailed information captured from the bike. This great system allows for precise monitoring of all your exercise data and is a power tool in improving your fitness level. Have fun looking back at all your previous rides presented on colourful maps.

Web portal for fitness

Technical data

Full carbon Monocoque with internal wiring
Single side fixed carbon fork Lavelle P0.
Rockshock Reba 120
Brose system/ 250 w
Frame integrated battery 36 V 500 wh
Single speed
Nuvinci Harmony N380
Rohloff 500-14
Two Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake 160mm
Magura Trail Sport
Brake force One
26” Aluminum rims / Black anodized
26” Full carbon Bike ahead all mountain
27.5” Carbon Rim Quai
Big Apple 26” 2,35”
Super Moto X 27,5” 2,4”
Lavelle CMS / Carbon Handelbar /Ergon Grips
ø31.6mm T6 Al
ø31.6mm Titanium Controltech
ø31.6mm Carbon Bike ahead
Sele Royal Lookin / Terry Fisio GTC
Ergotec EP1 or 831
Crankbrothers Stamp Large